Concert #2 Launching Tonight!

Tonight is the launch of's second concert! Another four fantastic performances from a bunch of talented musicians, this time in environments with way more stuff to play around with -- and a revamped chat system that I hope folks enjoy! 

On the topic of VR -- unfortunately VR has proven incompatible with some of the other stuff I've built into on a technical level. I'll do my best to work it into a future release (I'm sure it'll make it into the offline release I make after all of the online concerts are done) but for now we're stuck with a conventional game (but still with excellent 3D audio!

Soundscape's second concert is currently available to download! Until 7:30pm ET tonight (3/25/21), you'll only be able to hang out in the lobby. I'll be there a little early -- hope to see you there!


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Mar 25, 2021


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