This game/simulation is an attempt to contextualize the COVID-19 numbers and random asymptomatic testing process at the University of Pittsburgh in Fall 2020.

Note: some people have reported issues not being able to scroll down to further text in the game. I do not know why this is happening! It seems to happen on some (but not all) mobile devices and isn't dependent on OS. Hopefully I figure this out soon but for now, it reliably works on computers! 

This game was solely developed by me, Pat Healy. I am notably not an epidemiologist and I have no expertise in infectious diseases. I am, however, an information scientist, and we're very into numbers.

This is my understanding of our COVID-19 numbers and how Pitt's current methodology for measuring those numbers could go in the next few weeks.

If I got some stuff wrong that you think I definitely need to change, please feel free to message me on twitter, @patwhealy

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