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The earth is dying but luckily all we need to do to save it is stop using plastic straws! It is, of course, up to us, the individuals, to stop the climate crisis. I'm sure if we all just make a few little lifestyle changes, Florida will stay above sea level and all those oil millionaires and billionaires can keep their money.

This is a game about that idea. Imagine you're a super-villain with the very specific superpower of shooting plastic straws out of your hands. Your goal is to emit as much carbon as the University of Pittsburgh's investment in fossil fuels. 

Good luck -- It will literally take centuries of continuous play! I hope you have fun while contemplating the meaninglessness of individual action in the face of the climate crisis.

A VR experience for the Oculus Rift, made at the 2019 Games 4 Social Impact Game Jam at the University of Pittsburgh.

Still a work in progress!

Update #1 (2/23/2020)

  • Voice-over removed, replaced with text
  • Totally new city environment
  • Some music!
  • Other stuff!

Update #2 (2/25/2020)

  • More interactable stuff!
  • Shoot straws at the humanoids and they'll start puking up straws. Why? I don't know! Guess it's part of the supervillain straw powers.
  • It can rain straws! (But it's only raining on you)

Controls (Also mentioned in the game)

  • Press Enter to start the game, Escape to return to the start screen
  • Triggers to waste straws
  • Left face button or C to make all of the straws disappear (important to keep your PC from crashing)
  • Right face button to toggle to stat display
  • Triggers + Grips to double your straw waste rate, doubles as thrusters
  • P to start a rainfall, O to end it

I've only tested this thing on the Oculus Rift. It might work on other stuff but I have no way of knowing!


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