A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Tech Titans is a local-multiplayer 2D-side-scrolling arena shooter. In the near future, the tech billionaires of the world are battling for world domination in a fight to the death. 

Get three friends together and join in the shenanigans as our Tech Titans use their own employees as ammo to kill each other. Good thing they have plenty of otherwise totally worthless ammo! 


This game requires four gamepads. It was tested on dualshock 4's

  • D-pad to move and aim
  • Square to Shoot
  • Triangle to Change Weapons
  • X to Jump
  • Hold the left trigger to remain still


Linux.zip 32 MB
OSX.app.zip 33 MB
Windows.zip 32 MB


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One day I might actually finish this game, but for now everyone will just have to pretend the Braid guy isn't very obviously in it